USN-4271-1: Mesa vulnerability

6 February 2020

mesa vulnerability

A security issue affects these releases of Ubuntu and its derivatives:

  • Ubuntu 19.10
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS


Mesa could be made to expose sensitive information.

Software Description

  • mesa - free implementation of the EGL API


Tim Brown discovered that Mesa incorrectly handled shared memory permissions. A local attacker could use this issue to obtain and possibly alter sensitive information belonging to another user.

Update instructions

The problem can be corrected by updating your system to the following package versions:

Ubuntu 19.10
libd3dadapter9-mesa - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
libegl-mesa0 - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
libegl1-mesa - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
libgbm1 - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
libgl1-mesa-dri - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
libgl1-mesa-glx - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
libglapi-mesa - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
libgles2-mesa - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
libglx-mesa0 - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
libosmesa6 - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
libwayland-egl1-mesa - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
libxatracker2 - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
mesa-opencl-icd - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
mesa-va-drivers - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
mesa-vdpau-drivers - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
mesa-vulkan-drivers - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~19.10.2
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
libd3dadapter9-mesa - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
libegl-mesa0 - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
libegl1-mesa - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
libgbm1 - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
libgl1-mesa-dri - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
libgl1-mesa-glx - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
libglapi-mesa - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
libgles2-mesa - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
libglx-mesa0 - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
libosmesa6 - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
libwayland-egl1-mesa - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
libxatracker2 - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
mesa-opencl-icd - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
mesa-va-drivers - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
mesa-vdpau-drivers - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2
mesa-vulkan-drivers - 19.2.8-0ubuntu0~18.04.2

To update your system, please follow these instructions:

After a standard system update you need to restart your session to make all the necessary changes.