USN-722-1: sudo vulnerability

17 February 2009

sudo vulnerability

A security issue affects these releases of Ubuntu and its derivatives:

  • Ubuntu 8.10
  • Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

Software Description

  • sudo


Harald Koenig discovered that sudo did not correctly handle certain privilege changes when handling groups. If a local attacker belonged to a group included in a “RunAs” list in the /etc/sudoers file, that user could gain root privileges. This was not an issue for the default sudoers file shipped with Ubuntu.

Update instructions

The problem can be corrected by updating your system to the following package versions:

Ubuntu 8.10
sudo - 1.6.9p17-1ubuntu2.1
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
sudo - 1.6.9p10-1ubuntu3.4

To update your system, please follow these instructions:

In general, a standard system upgrade is sufficient to effect the necessary changes.