USN-1193-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-1193-1

19th August, 2011

linux vulnerabilities

A security issue affects these releases of Ubuntu and its derivatives:

  • Ubuntu 11.04


Multiple kernel flaws have been fixed.

Software description

  • linux - Linux kernel


Timo Warns discovered that the GUID partition parsing routines did not
correctly validate certain structures. A local attacker with physical
access could plug in a specially crafted block device to crash the system,
leading to a denial of service. (CVE-2011-1577)

Phil Oester discovered that the network bonding system did not correctly
handle large queues. On some systems, a remote attacker could send
specially crafted traffic to crash the system, leading to a denial of
service. (CVE-2011-1581)

Ben Hutchings reported a flaw in the kernel's handling of corrupt LDM
partitions. A local user could exploit this to cause a denial of service or
escalate privileges. (CVE-2011-2182)

Vasiliy Kulikov discovered that taskstats listeners were not correctly
handled. A local attacker could expoit this to exhaust memory and CPU
resources, leading to a denial of service. (CVE-2011-2484)

Sami Liedes discovered that ext4 did not correctly handle missing root
inodes. A local attacker could trigger the mount of a specially crafted
filesystem to cause the system to crash, leading to a denial of service.

A flaw was discovered in the Linux kernel's AppArmor security interface
when invalid information was written to it. An unprivileged local user
could use this to cause a denial of service on the system. (CVE-2011-3619)

Scot Doyle discovered that the bridge networking interface incorrectly
handled certain network packets. A remote attacker could exploit this to
crash the system, leading to a denial of service. (CVE-2011-4087)

A bug was found in the way headroom check was performed in
udp6_ufo_fragment() function. A remote attacker could use this flaw to
crash the system. (CVE-2011-4326)

Update instructions

The problem can be corrected by updating your system to the following package version:

Ubuntu 11.04:
linux-image-2.6.38-11-generic 2.6.38-11.48
linux-image-2.6.38-11-omap 2.6.38-11.48
linux-image-2.6.38-11-powerpc-smp 2.6.38-11.48
linux-image-2.6.38-11-versatile 2.6.38-11.48
linux-image-2.6.38-11-powerpc64-smp 2.6.38-11.48
linux-image-2.6.38-11-virtual 2.6.38-11.48
linux-image-2.6.38-11-generic-pae 2.6.38-11.48
linux-image-2.6.38-11-powerpc 2.6.38-11.48
linux-image-2.6.38-11-server 2.6.38-11.48

To update your system, please follow these instructions:

After a standard system update you need to reboot your computer to make
all the necessary changes.


CVE-2011-1577, CVE-2011-1581, CVE-2011-2182, CVE-2011-2484, CVE-2011-2493, CVE-2011-3619, CVE-2011-4087, CVE-2011-4326